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Freshford House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NL * Reg. No. 11384991 * VAT number 296 2379 60


Marble Films is an independent film company set up by Sacha Mirzoeff, which believes in carving out flair and excellence in filmmaking - focusing on relevant timely stories, that aim to inspire and engage with a wide range of audiences. 

We access closed and difficult to reach areas of society, that few have taken cameras before. While these can at times be challenging to film in, we maintain the highest standard of technical skill in craft at those moments, whether they be observational documentary, drama, natural history or lightly formatted factual shows. 


Our motto is that films are only as good as the relationships they contain. And the footprint we leave behind - the memories, and emotional feeling afterwards for the people we work with - is as important as the films themselves. 


Priding ourselves on positive respectful interactions with people from all walks of society, whether they are institutional and powerful or disadvantaged and vulnerable and aim to build long term trust.  


We are passionate about bringing on the next generation of diverse award-winning filmmakers, camera people and editors and extensive training on the job is key to forging success for them and us.  We are looking for an inspired and dedicated workforce who believe in what Marble are doing.


Based in Bristol we have our eyes on telling the right story for our times, be it international or be it local West Country.